Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Annie and Sean's wedding

Brian’s sister, Annie, and Sean Jensen got married this evening on the beach in front of our house. Annie looked beautiful, the weather was perfect and it was a nice ceremony (aside from the fact that Larkin tried to swallow her wish stone that we each were to throw into the ocean!). Larkin and Sierra wore adorable matching dresses too.

Here are pictures of Annie’s (and Brian's) side of the family:

Here’s a picture of Sean’s side of the family:

After the wedding, we went to the reception in a big room below the Harbour Docks restaurant in Destin, FL. This was a last minute switch of venue, and when I say last minute, I mean two hours before the ceremony! Annie and Sean had booked a different place, but when they arrived to see it, they didn’t like it. There was a lot of scrambling to find a new place that could accommodate our party of 18, and Brian’s dad found this restaurant and it worked out great. The reception was a lot of fun with steel drum music and seafood for dinner. Brian’s other sister Jenny decorated the wedding cake too – it turned out really pretty. Fun wedding…and welcome to the family, Sean (and Alex and Kale)!

Oh, and this last photo is of me after the party, and after taking out 39 bobby pins (yep, I counted)! This may be the only photo you'll ever see of my hair curly, because it normally repels curls!

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