Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gaston's Family Trip

Brian, Larkin, Serafina, and I went to Gaston's again this summer for a few relaxing and fun days with Brian's family. We spent some time out on the boats and some quality time at the resort letting Sera run around.

Here are some pictures and videos of Larkin's first two times swimming in Bull Shoals Lake! She hated the life vest, but she had fun on the boat and enjoyed swimming. The first time she went in the lake, she tried to drink the entire lake! She kept tasting the water over and over. Luckily, Bull Shoals Lake is a clean lake and she didn't get an upset tummy from drinking it. The video is a compilation of Larkin's first time in the lake with her Daddy, and then the second time with her Grandma.

Here's a few pictures of Sera romping around Gaston's. We took daily walks around the resort and here she is posing with the very high White River as a beautiful backdrop.

These are pictures of Larkin's second time on her grandparents' boat, getting love from her Daddy, her Aunt Annie, her Grandma Hittle, and her Papa Hittle. In the picture with her Grandma, check out what Larkin is standing on... a water bottle! There is also a picture of Larkin swimming for the second time with her Daddy and an adorable video of them that you have to watch!

Here are pictures from another of Sera's Gaston romps. This one shows pictures from the airstrip, and the wildflower sanctuary. Isn't it so cute how she's smelling a flower?! The video included is a fun one that shows Sera playing with Sadie (Annie's dog) on the airstrip and then chasing after geese in the pond.

This last set of pictures and videos is of the family hanging out around the cabins. Larkin loved having a shower cap on her head (does this mean she's destined to become a swimmer like her Daddy?), and the whole family had a blast trying to play badminton, until the shuttlecocks broke!

Finally, while some of us played badminton, Larkin enjoyed the view high from up on her Papa's shoulders. What he didn't expect though was her to bite his head (check out the video)! Eeeek - Incident Report!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy 10th Anniversary to Us!

Happy Anniversary, Honey, I LOVE YOU!!!

Here is a picture I took of us tonight, on our 10-year anniversary. We're in Gaston's with family so the evening was "rustic romantic". Brian gave me a gorgeous necklace that he designed and had custom made for me out of white gold, diamonds, and topaz precious stones. I gave Brian a year-long wine-club gift that is 2 bottles/month of award-winning, limited addition red wines that are for wine connoisseurs and collectors. He gets to enjoy celebrate our anniversary every month, twice a month!

Our beautiful wedding was 10 years ago, and yet I feel as though it were yesterday. I had just turned 23 when we got married and we were living in Hawaii. We were married in Boston at the Old South Church and we went to Australia for our honeymoon. After living in New York, we have now settled in the Heartland with a dog, a bird, and our baby! What an amazingly blessed life we've shared together and I wouldn't want it any other way. Brian is my love of all loves and I can't wait to see what the next 10 years holds for us! Here's a recap of that amazing day 10 years ago (July 17, 1999) when we got married in record-breaking 104 degree heat! I hope you enjoy the pictures (and some of you are in some of the pics too)!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Grandpa Bud and First Steps!

Grandpa Bud came for a summer visit and Larkin remembered that she has a forever buddy in him. Larkin loved when Grandpa Bud held her, and when they played on Larkin's drum or sang "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" together. Thanks to Anne, as well, for the adorable dress!

The big news from his visit is that Larkin took her first steps all by herself! The Cook Family tends to be late walkers (~14 months) and it seems as though Larkin is following that pattern. No mind to me - I love babies that crawl. But, our little baby is growing up and she is bound and determined to get walking. She loves to walk behind her push-truck and she expertly moves it around obstacles without difficulty. Enjoy these videos of Larkin taking her first steps (and getting tickled) and also walking while holding onto Grandpa Bud's hand. We're so glad you were here to be a part of it!