Sunday, May 10, 2009

Larkin's First Ice Cream

During a family (party of 18) dinner at P.F. Chang's in Destin, Florida, Papa Hittle took Larkin outside for a stroll in the perfect weather. They happened upon an ice cream parlor next store, called Kilwin's. As they passed by, Jim noticed that they had a sign for free ice cream for anyone under a certain height. So, in they went, Larkin was short enough per the measurement, and so they started perusing the ice cream selection. Papa picked peach ice cream, and when I began to wonder what happened to them and ventured outside to look for them, Larkin was enjoying her very first ice cream! These pictures are how I found them! It was a pretty special moment for the two of them, and one that I was happy I got to capture. Got ice cream, anyone?

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