Monday, March 22, 2010

Grandpa Bud's Visit

We were so happy that Grandpa Bud came for a visit! Larkin definitely remembered him and they started calling each other "Bubba" which was so cute.

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day by eating lunch at an Irish pub and then going to the KC Parade. Here are a few pictures from the parade... the three of us, me and my friend Erin, and then a couple of pictures of parade in action. There were 110 different floats/bands/etc. - and tons of people for blocks! Even Grandpa Bud was surprised at the magnitude of the parade. It was fun.

Ahhh, the Plasma Car! Larkin would only let Grandpa Bud join her on the car... noone else. Grandpa Bud would build up speed by grabbing onto the island for leverage so that they'd spin out.

Here's a pic of Grandpa Bud giving Larkin a horsey ride and bouncing her all over the place as she giggled away, loving it and saying "more" whenever he'd stop.

We did a mini-photo shoot of Grandpa Bud and Larkin because I love to do them and we got some great shots of the two "Bubbas" together, don't you think? Grandpa Bud is even wearing one of his new Columbia Omni-Shield shirts that he bought at Bass Pro for his Carribbean sailboat trip coming up.

Yes, we are a strange family that enjoys putting pillows on our heads. I'm not sure the manufacturer intended for this travel neck pillow to be used like this, but I think Larkin thinks that's how it's actually supposed to be used. We may look ridiculous, but I still think she looks cute. Now that I look at it, it's one of those pictures that might make someone think "I could blackmail them with that picture someday".....but none of you would do something like that, right?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jenny and Sierra Visit

I think this picture of Larkin and her cousin Sierra hugging is one of the cutest pictures! Aunt Jenny and cousin Sierra came to town to visit and we all had a blast. The girls did a pretty good job at sharing attention, sharing their toys and playing together. You can totally tell how much fun they had playing at Grandma's house... they even rode the purple "horse" together!

What do you think about Larkin's new dance move?! Ha!

We made the requisite visit to Bass Pro Shop to entertain (and wear out!) the kiddos. The girls had fun on the 4-wheelers and in the tents, and the entire family camped out on a pontoon boat for a good 15 minutes. Larkin even took it upon herself to try on a life-jacket!

Here's a sweet moment of me hugging Sierra (as we lounged on the pontoon boat).... Larkin doesn't sit still long enough for us to get a picture together like this!

One of Sierra's favorite activities was to try to on hats. Here's an adorable picture of the stylin' "pink ladies"!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

First Time to the Zoo

Despite the dreary weather, we made it out to the Kansas City Zoo and had a great time enjoying it largely by ourselves. We took the train to the "Australia" part of the zoo first and Larkin cried when we had to get off the train.

After visiting the kangaroos, we wound our way through a variety of animal exhibits including several monkeys and chimps. The langurs are black monkeys with very long tails and are nearly extinct. We were also lucky enough to get to see two beautiful Sumatran tigers, which sadly are nearly extinct too. (See the latter part of the post for more on these and other extinct species). Here's a pic of Grandpa Bud and Papa hugging one of the tigers and Brian playing with an enthusiastic squirrel monkey.

Here's Larkin on her first carousel ride ever!

I really enjoyed watching the girls - Larkin and her cousin Sierra - as they checked out the sweet and innocent.

On the heels of our zoo visit, I thought it was important to recognize the crisis that our world is facing with animals who are near extinction. Time Magazine recently did a photo essay on animals that are close to extinction and so I'd like to share that information with you. (Credit for this story goes to Time and you can see the story by clicking here). Two of the animals we saw at the Kansas City Zoo - langurs and Sumatran tigers - are on this list. So sad. Please do what you can to support the conservation of these endangered species.

Javan Rhinoceros
Location: Indonesia and Vietnam
Number remaining: 50-60
This is thought to be the most rare large mammal on earth. Black Rhinos, numbering only 3,000, are nearly extinct too.

Golden-Headed Langur
Location: Vietnam
Number remaining: fewer than 70
We saw a three of these extremely endangered langurs in the Kansas City Zoo. They have amazingly long tails and a mohawk. They are considered to be among the most rare of all primates in the world.

Location: Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez)
Number left: 200-300
Called the Vaquita (Spanish for "little cow"), this is the smallest of the porpoises and is thought to be one of the most rare cetaceans on earth.

Cross River Gorilla
Location: Nigeria and Cameroon
Number remaining: fewer than 300
This species was thought to have been extinct in the 1980s, thank goodness it's still holding on (although just barely).

Sumatran Tiger
Location: Sumatra, in Indonesia
Number remaining: 400-500
We saw these amazing Sumatran Tigers in the Kansas City Zoo. The smallest of the various Tiger species, the Sumatran Tiger has lived in Sumatra for a million years and now about 2/3 of them live in reserves. Tigers, as a larger breed, are nearly extinct too... less than 6,000 remain in the wild.

Mekong Giant Catfish
Location: Mekong region of Southeast Asia, in the Mekong River
Number remaining: hundreds
This is now a protected fish, but its numbers are still dwindling. It is believed that the population of this species has fallen 80% in the last 14 years. This fish is known for its large size - it's the world's largest freshwater fish - the largest caught was 646 lb. and 3.2 meters long!

Black-Footed Ferret
Location: Great Plains of North America
Number remaining: 1,000
These two-pound noctural carnivores are the only native ferret to North America and are one of our continent's most endangered mammals. In 1986, there were only 18 of these ferrets left, but they are making an astonishing comeback. Keep it up!

Borneo Pygmy Elephant
Location: Northern Borneo
Number remaining: 1,000
This elephant is smaller than an Asian elephant and quite tame and docile. Expanding human developments have destroyed their native habitats, disrupted migration routes and depleted food sources.

Giant Panda
Location: China, Burma, Vietnam
Number remaining: 2,000
With a diet of over 99% bamboo, these bears whose name literally means "cat-foot black-and-white," are rapidly losing their native habitat. Considered a conservation-reliant endangered species, I hope that we can help these pandas survive as a wild species and not only exist within zoos...

Polar Bear
Location: Artic circle
Number remaining: fewer than 25,000
These are the world's largest bear, the world's largest land carnivore, and one of my favorite animals of all. I can't bear the thought of losing them forever. We have to stop global warming which melts sea ice or the bear population will literally starve to extinction.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Here are a few pictures to show you the curls in Larkin's hair. I just can't get myself to trim it yet... I love the baby curls so much!!! I bet that once the curls get trimmed off, they'll be gone for good and Larkin will have straight hair like me. That will be nice too, but I'm going to enjoy these strawberry blonde curls for a little while longer...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hats and Boots

I never thought my hat and boots looked cuter than they do on her. Larkin was not very successful getting anywhere in her Daddy's sneakers, but believe it or not, she was able to walk across the room in my Size 6 snow boots! And I love how she stopped briefly to ponder the leaf...