Friday, May 22, 2009

Sister Mary Jude

On the way to Matt and Krissy's wedding in State College, PA, we took a detour so we could visit Sister Mary Jude, who is Brian's mom's Aunt (Peggy's mother's sister). That means that Sister Mary Jude is Larkin's Great, Great Aunt!

Sister Mary Jude, a retired nun who's in her late 80's (but still as sharp as a tack), now lives in what is called the "Mother's House". This is a separate building from the convent that serves as the retirement home for the nuns. It was incredible. Girlfriends, if it weren't for our husbands, we would all want to retire as nuns there! It was beautiful -- the chapel was breathtaking with glass from floor to ceiling on three of the four walls -- and the nuns were very warm, welcoming and friendly. After all, they're there hanging out with 75 of their best friends who they've lived with for decades in the convent!

Here's a picture of our whole group, during lunch. (L-R back: Jenny, Sierra, Jim, me; L-R sitting: Brian, Larkin, Sister Mary Jude, Peggy). All of the nuns in the lunch room loved checking out the babies. Brian took Larkin around to the different tables and the old ladies swooned over her. Larkin also was bright and happy to get to know her Great, Great Aunt. They held hands and Sister Mary Jude even signed Larkin's baby book.

Here are a few family photos from the balcony of the Mother's House. You can see how absolutely gorgeous the grounds are... huge oak trees, rolling meadows... As Julie Andrews sang in the Sound of Music "The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music" here!

Later that evening, Larkin was seeing what she thought of the idea of becoming a nun. Burp cloth or habit anyone?

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