Monday, May 11, 2009

Destin Fun, Both In and Out

Larkin had such a good time in Destin, FL. She enjoyed being in, she enjoyed being out. These first few pictures are of the family out at resturants. The first one is Larkin from P.F. Chang's, the second one is from a crab shack, the third is of groom Sean and Larkin's cousin Sierra at Old Bay Steamer (we had the BEST shrimp there!), and the fourth and fifth pics are from the wonderful Creole restaurant Louisiana Langiappe (we had the best gumbo we've ever had there)! The food this trip was excellent and Larkin enjoyed her time out and about in her attached chair like always!

Larkin also had fun staying in. Here are a few pictures of her enjoying herself at the house we rented. She had a lot of fun one morning kissing Grandma and Papa Hittle. She also enjoyed the makeshift playroom we set up in the family room, not to mention all the crawling she did throughout the long hallways... her knees were probably a little sore from all the hard wood... that might explain the downward facing dog pose in that one pic!

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