Friday, May 8, 2009

First Road Trip

Larkin went on her first road trip! We drove to Destin, FL to for a week-long vacation and to celebrate Annie (Brian’s sister) and Sean’s wedding. Above is a picture of Larkin at her first rest stop. Larkin did awesome on the drive…I guess she got the road trip genes from both Brian and me. You see, Brian and I have a rule when we road trip… we drive a tank of gas at a time and then when we stop, we get gas, go pee, get food if we need it, switch drivers, and then we’re off driving for another tank of gas. And, we actually have fun! We were expecting Larkin to throw a bit of a crimp in the plan because, well, she’s a baby, but she did better than we would have wished for. On day 1, we actually got 11 hours of driving in with only 2 stops and no crying – wow!

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