Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beach Bunny

Here are some pictures of our beach bunny! We stayed in a house right on the beach which was definitely worth every penny. Not having to lug baby beach gear more than a few feet was awesome. The first day at the beach, our bunny hung on to us fairly tight and she really enjoyed a snooze in her Grandma's arms. They were like two peas in a pod together.

Grandma Hittle also along brought a wagon that we used to pull Larkin along the beach in style. She loved it and so did the other beach goers... everyone stopped us to chat!

Larkin was a bit timid of the loud roar of the waves on the first day, but she wasn’t afraid after that. Brian would hold her at water level and she’d splash away in the ocean, just like her Grandpa Bud taught her to do in the bath tub.

We also brought a blow up pool down to the ocean so Larkin could sit and splash on the beach but without waves crashing on her. The waves were relatively strong for the Gulf, which the adults loved for boogie boarding. I had fun boogie boarding too, although after my first ride, I actually got stung by a jellyfish in my eye! Luckily, I closed my eye in time so I just had a painful line from my eyebrow to my cheekbone for the rest of that day – ugghh, I mean really, of all places to be stung….

What Larkin may have loved even more was crawling in the sand. As most of you know, Larkin likes food and especially feeding herself, so we were a bit concerned that she’d shove a handful of sand down the hatch. But, she restrained herself and only tasted a few grains of sand during the week. What she loved was crawling all over the beach. She even found her first sea shell (I saved it and have it somewhere). Check out the video below!

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