Sunday, September 27, 2009

Papa Burrito

If only every grandfather in the world was as fun and silly with their grandkids as Papa Hittle is with Larkin. We all got a big laugh (Larkin included) when we saw Papa waddle into our kitchen wearing Larkin's pink toy tunnel like he was a burrito! Larkin saw his feet sticking out the bottom and his head sticking out the top and she studied and stared at him for awhile trying to figure it out. Then, she decided to join him in there!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

First Calendar Appt

Larkin is using Microsoft Outlook already - yikes! Somehow my phone found its way into Larkin's little hands (funny how that happens now isn't it?!) and despite my having locked the keyboard, Larkin was able to successfully add an appointment to my Outlook calendar. Pretty impressive, eh? The picture shows a screenshot of the reminder for Larkin's "xfzz rrrrrrrrrreqs" appointment that popped up on my email the next morning! :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bunny Hop Hop

Larkin loves her binky. She really only gets to use it at bed/nap time, when she's teething, or if she's really upset. We're trying to get her to pick another favorite item, either a lovey blanket or a stuffed animal. Timely enough, Grandpa Bud gave Larkin a stuffed bunny that we aptly named "Bunny Hop Hop". Larkin loves it! She still loves her binky (as the picture shows), but now she wants her Bunny Hop Hop to cuddle with too... and it's too cute. This picture was me, binky, and Bunny Hop Hop all working hard to soothe an upset baby. It worked. Thanks, Grandpa Bud!