Monday, May 24, 2010

Playing with Cousins

Nothing is more satisfying for adult siblings than to watch their children play together happily. Larkin loves playing with her cousins Gavin (6) and Luke (3) so much, and they with her. Here are a few cute pictures of the kids just hanging out, wrestling, and being silly in general. Just the way kids should be!

This first picture shows Larkin laying claim to BOTH of the Star Wars light sabers. Go girl!

If you put big and small boys in a room together, eventually wrestling will occur! I think that's a law of nature or something. The Hittle/Feller/Cook clan is no different, and as you can see, everyone joined in the fun. Larkin is not one to get left out!

Here is Larkin being silly with my mom, Dede. In case it's hard to tell from the picture, they both are sporting pairs of Larkin's pajama bottoms on their heads!

Larkin is taken by both my sister, Dana, and her husband, Greg. There's just a natural comfort level there. And for some reason, Larkin thinks my sister is hilarious! Larkin falls into a gigglefest whenever my sister comes near! :)

I love this set of pictures. While we were on a walk together one day, Larkin got really upset if she couldn't see Gavin at all times! She was kind of a little obsessed, and Gavin thought it was getting a little tiresome keeping himself in her view non-stop. But he was a good sport and he is so good with her. Here they are holding hands on the walk (Larkin LOVED that) and then other pictures of them kissing each other. So, so sweet! I love seeing these tender, innocent moments they share together.

Luke and Larkin don't do much kissing, but Luke does like Larkin's hair. Every once in a while, you'll find him "petting" Larkin's hair. Here's a picture of him doing so. How cute is that?

Ahhh, at the end of a long, exciting day, nothing's more satisfying than seeing the kids settle in and relax together. Then, off to bed. Good night.

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