Thursday, May 13, 2010

Luke and Dede's Birthday Parties

We took at trip in May to visit family in NYC. While we were all together, we celebrated 4 family birthdays! Dede (my Mom) had a big milestone birthday - she turned 70! - on April 21st, Luke turned 3 on May 14th, Grandpa Bud (my Dad) turned 69 on May 20th, and Larky Loo turned 2 on May 27th.

These first few pictures are from Luke's 3rd birthday party. He's loves chocolate cake chocolate icing just like me. I love the picture of him blowing out his candles - he's really putting 100% effort into it! I really like that picture of my parents too. The last picture of the group is of Luke in one of his presents from us - a Mickey Mouse costume. It's what he had asked for and doesn't he look precious in it?

Here are a couple of great pictures from Dede's 70th birthday party. Her cake was beautiful and we all just had a lot of fun celebrating that evening. Dede gets along so well with her grandkids, it's great to see them getting to spend time together. Happy Birthday, Mom! We're so proud of your wonderful achievement - 70 years young!

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