Saturday, May 22, 2010

Colleen and Mike visit us in NYC

We were so happy that our dear friends Colleen ("Classy Mommy") and Mike Padilla came to NYC to visit us. We went to our favorite Italian spot Sambuca's. It's becoming a tradition for the four of us! Then, we followed it up with another trandition... Col and me taking a picture together outside of the Natural History Museum. The first time we did our Extreme Mammals pose (see that pic here). This time we imitated the horse rider statue out front. Here we are pretending to be riding the horse! We look ridiculous and more like we're trying to ride a motorcycle, but we had a lot of fun doing it nonetheless!

Before dominating in our game of Ticket to Ride, Mike took some time to play with Larkin and she loved it! He's so great with kids and I got a great video of them playing a variety of games. They played "bubble cheeks", "sleep/wake-up", and "happy birthday gift giving". Since it was only a few days before Larkin's birthday, they practiced opening gifts, giving gifts and singing the birthday song. What a sweet video!

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