Sunday, May 30, 2010

Children's Museum of Manhattan

One of the most fun places to take kids in the city is the Children's Museum of Manhattan (near 83rd and Amsterdam). It's five floors high and there's so much to do there that we didn't even get to visit every floor. One other cool, fun fact about the museum. It's located directly across the street from that cafe that is in the movie You've Got Mail (the one where Meg Ryan is waiting with her book and a rose to meet Tom Hanks and he stands her up)!

During the summer months the museum opens an outdoor water feature area that is a huge hit with all kids. They have a covered area to help get the kids out of the sun, as well as extra large blue aprons that the kids can wear to try to keep dry. But let me warn you... your kids will get drenched regardless and you will need to bring a change of clothes! Larkin really liked playing in the water table and the boat ramp. Her cousins, Gavin and Luke, pretty much played with the boats the whole time. Luke especially liked to lay claim to all of the green boats!

After playing outside, we moved inside and tried to hit as many exhibits as we could. The fire truck and MTA bus were huge hits with Larkin, as was the grocery store (with a kiddie-working version of a check-out conveyor belt and barcode scanner). I think the pictures pretty much speak for themselves... the kids have a blast, are going non-stop the whole time, and don't want to leave!

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