Thursday, May 27, 2010

Larkin's 2nd Birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Larkin! Larkin turned two while we were in NYC, so the "city girl" got to celebrate with her extended family. These first few pictures are from the morning of her birthday. Isn't she radiant?! She was so happy, it was so fun to share in her festive energy. I've also included a home video of Larkin singing the Happy Birthday song, telling the camera how old she is, and saying her name. She calls herself "Lar-Lee"! It took us a few times to realize that she is trying to call herself "Larky", but it comes out "Lar-Lee". I think it is so cute.

Larkin loves balloons, so her birthday wasn't complete until she had a bundle of balloons that she carried around nearly all day.

Party time! Here are the kids... hungry for some pizza and cupcakes!

Larkin was a little shy when we sang to her, but she loved the whole event. She helped me blow out her candles and then after contemplating it for a minute or two, she dove into her cupcake! It was yellow cake with pink icing and she got a sugar high from all of the icing she ate. Check out the cute video of her during cake time!

This is a frame-worthy photo of our family that was able to celebrate Larkin's birthday with us. It was a great party! HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY, SWEETHEART! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

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Nan M Gough said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Larkin! My, how the time has flown! You are a beautiful little girl and we can tell that you are so loved by your Mama and Daddy and grandparents and everyone else that meets you! We're sending big hugs from Japan! Hopefully we'll be able to meet you when we move back to the States. Tell your Mom and Dad we say Hi and we miss them!

Nan and Demian, Amelia and Lily