Sunday, December 27, 2009

Toy Vehicles

The kids' favorite Christmas gifts this year were... vehicles, of all types! Here's a look at the kids and their wheels.

Gavin got his electric Jeep and I think Larkin thinks that she got it too! Gavin was very gracious and took Larkin on a bunch of rides, although they couldn't go far because they were stuck inside (since there were 2.5 feet of snow outside)!

Here Larkin is going for a ride on another gift that's not hers... Luke got a huge dump truck from Grandpa Bud and Larkin thought it was supposed to be riden! She stripped down, put on Luke's Super Bunny cape and went for a ride back and forth across the kitchen floor. Check out the cute video of her ride below.

And, of course, the Plasma Car! The kids made laps around the house and they even started "racing"! And every now and then, they had obstacles in their path... like the Grandpa Bud bridge.

Then, when they had enough of racing, they jumped on together. How sweet is it to see Larkin bonding with some of the loving men in her life? Really, you've got to try these Plasma cars!

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