Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Merry Christmas! We celebrated Christmas this year with my family at my sister's house in the Hampton's. Here's a look behind the scenes of Christmas Day!

Here are the kiddos on Christmas morning... The boys, Gavin and Luke, waiting to be allowed to open gifts - oh, the anticipation! And Larkin, festive in her dress and ruby red shoes. Christmas is all about the kids and we loved watching them take it all in and feeling the magic of Christmas Day come alive.

We spent a LONG time opening gifts. As it should be, the kids wanted to play with each toy that they opened. The biggest hits were the cars! First off, every home should get a Plasma Car ($50 from Amazon) - they are so much fun for kids and adults!! And Gavin loved his blue Jeep electric car, as did Larkin.

Gavin was all about the costumes this year. He got Superman, King Arthur, NASA Astronaut, and his favorite Darth Maul! Luke got a superhero cape of his own and decided that it was "Super Bunny" (as he loves Max and Ruby). They ran around the house as Superman and Super Bunny - check out the video. As for the bad boy, Darth Maul, Larkin fell in love with him! It was totally her favorite costume of all and she even tried on the mask herself! Brian and I are worried that she's going to like the bad boys when she grows up... oh no....

Here are a few cute pictures of Larkin during the day... saying "hi" to her pup, Sera, playing with Grandma "Dede" Cook, etc. I love the hat and no shirt look... she twirled the ends of those strings, so funny!

Here are two cute pics of the boys, enjoying their dinner. Check out Gavin's straw glasses.

And, finally, you have got to watch the video below... it is of Brian reading Larkin her new pop-up book called Dragon's Cave. She loves elaborate pop-ups and this one, which is actually kind of scary, is no exception. Check out her facial expressions! Merry Christmas, everyone!

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