Saturday, December 12, 2009

MRI Christmas Party

Santa has been busy this year! For the second time this week, Larkin got to visit with Santa as he so generously showed up at my work's Christmas Party today. She'd started getting a little fussy while waiting her turn, so the photographer glanced over at us and said "I don't think she'll last very long on his lap..." Little did he know that she was being antsy because she WANTED to sit on his lap! And, as the pictures prove, she was happy as a clam as soon as she planted herself on his knee. Her hand is raised because she was waving "hello" to the camera man. I love it!

Our Staff Activities Committee really did a fabulous job. In addition to Santa, there was food, good company, and crafts of all types at a number of tables. The first picture below is of Larkin and Brian with two good friends of ours, Tom and Jen. Tom is like a surrogate dad to me at work.

An older girl put stickers on Larkin's cheeks and on the backs of her hands, so she now thinks that's the official place for stickers! One of the craft tables was full of stickers and the kids were supposed to put stickers on the background. Larkin thought it was so much fun! Here's the picture of stickers that Larkin did. Take a close look at Santa in the picture.... now look at the candle... yes, I swear, Larkin did it! We got a good chuckle from it, so it will be going in her memory book.

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