Friday, October 30, 2009

Goddard Trick-or-Treating

This evening, the Goddard School held a fun trick or treat event for the kids. Larkin dressed up as a adorable ladybug. Miss Larkin the Ladybug ran from classroom to classroom playing with the different toys in the rooms, picking out candy, etc. Larkin took candy because it was offered and it was crinkly and colorful, but she's never eaten it so she had no idea what it was!

Here's a cute picture of Larkin giving her teacher, Ms. Allison, a kiss. Ms. Allison was in fun 80's attire. It makes us really happy that Larkin really likes all of her teachers.

And, finally, here is our ladybug admiring herself and her costume in the mirror in her classroom. I loved it when she flipped back the wings like she was flying!