Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fun with Larkin's Godfamily

We had a blast hanging out in Boston with Larkin's godparents, Gisa and Mauricio Perez, and their beautiful daughters Melanie and Katie. Melanie and Katie affectionately referred to their "cousin" as Baby Larkin and Katie also tells people that Larkin's eyes are "shiny" (since they're blue). So, so cute.

Here we are in the Boston Public Garden. The weather was beautiful while we were there - it was in the 60's - and the girls had a blast running around, looking at the flowers, the pond, and the George Washington statue. They especially loved the weeping birch trees which were like giant umbrellas!

We made the always fun visit to the Make Way for Ducklings statue. Mrs. Mallard was the favorite, as usual, but the girls had fun on the baby ducklings, as well!

We tried to eat as much seafood as we could, so here are some pictures of our dinner at Legal Seafood and a cute video of Melanie and Katie picking up crayons that Larkin repeatedly dropped on the floor during our dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.

We walked around the Prudential Center after the dinners and Larkin fell in love with a red lobster stuffed animal. Auntie Gisa bought one for her later in Quincy Market. We had so much fun running around in the Prudential Center Atrium. And, we learned something... Larkin loves to shop for accessories! She loves jewelry, shoes and handbags! There's a long, but fun video here of all of us chasing after Larkin and her cousins as they have a ball in the mall.

After visiting Fanieul Hall and Quincy Market, we headed towards the North End to check out Little Italy. We made an important stop for Gisa, however, at the famous Union Oyster House. Gisa is gaga for oysters so she ordered some at the bar! We then continued on and enjoyed lunch and then sweets from Mike's Bakery in the North End. Katie was tired by the time we were finishing up, so Grandpa Bud carried Katie home while she so tenderly rubbed his perfect ear.

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