Sunday, October 25, 2009

Deanna Rose Farm in the Fall

Since Deanna Rose Farm closes for the winter, we had to make one last trip for the year. The farm in the Fall was beautiful, and we had so much fun. It's exciting that Larkin's old enough to run around and play with everything. Here she is having fun on some springy toys and she also tried to play with some other kids in a log cabin. They were jumping around being silly and she tried to too!

Larkin checked out a bunch of animals including chickens, turkeys, cows, swans, and goats. Larkin was old enough this time to go into the goat petting zoo and pet some goats she did! Check out the cute video of her petting one after another...she even tried to kiss one lucky goat!

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The Bucklers said...

Looks like fun! It is so beautiful! Those trees ~ the colors ~ don't even look real! How lucky you are. :)