Saturday, June 4, 2011

NYC Party with Friends

We were so excited to spend an afternoon and evening celebrating with our friends in NYC. We used Larkin's and my birthdays as an excuse to have a party, but really we didn't need any reason other than wanting to see friends. We had Colleen, Mike, Kenzie, Kyle (all from Philly!), Janice (pregnant with Jolie), Jack, Jameson, Dan, Dorit, Caius, Justin, Sarah, Grandpa Bud, and us!

We celebrated at my sister's place and after everyone arrived, we went to play in the playground in Central Park. The kids had a blast as you can tell, which gave us adults some time to catch up (while Dan bought us all yummy soft pretzels).

Then, we went back to my sister's place to play and have a homemade lasagna dinner. The kids ran around playing with toys, painting, etc.

Here's Larkin showing us her muscles and her guns!

Last but not least was the birthday celebration with tons of cupcakes from Crumbs bakery! My favorite is the Tiramisu, Brian likes the Milkshake, and Larkin likes either pink or white with sprinkles.

Thank you to all of our dear friends for taking the day to hang out with us! We miss you and had such a wonderful time seeing all of you!!

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