Saturday, June 11, 2011

Larkin's 3rd Birthday Party at Deanna Rose Farm

Yes, this is Larkin's third 3rd birthday party! We did a family one and a friends one in NYC, but now that we're home, we knew that Larkin would want to celebrate with her school friends. So we celebrated with a day at Deanna Rose Farm. It's one of our favorite kid places - it never gets old. The weather was perfect (albeit a little windy) and we couldn't have asked for a more fun morning for Larkin and her friends.

We did the party in the Rabbit Hutch birthday corral. Theme: Tinker Bell.

Here are a few pics from the present opening. She ripped that paper apart! She loved all of her gifts, especially the two Tangled dolls she got. The last pic in this set is of Larkin giving her friend Ella a thank-you hug.

This is the only pic I got with ALL of the kiddos. They were always running this way and that way.

After the cake part of the party, we took off to enjoy the farm. We all rode on the horse-drawn hay ride. I enjoy it as much as the kids. We sang songs while we rode.

Then, it was time for horse-back riding. Larkin wanted to ride the white spotted horse and the birthday girl got her wish!

Last stop was the dairy barn. It was Dairy Day at the Farm so they had all sorts of fun activities set up for kids. They also had free ice cream for the kids (more sugar, please!), cheese sticks, etc. This was where we said good-bye to most of our friends.

After the party, Ella and her family joined us for lunch at one of our favorite lunch spots, Barley's. Larkin's food order is always the same: mac n' cheese with a fruit cup (she picks that over fries - yay!) Larkin also knows where they keep the kid masks and she always sifts through them to find the one she doesn't have yet. Today the girls chose owl masks.

It was a great birthday party! Then we all went home for a nice nap. Ahhh. Perfect.

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