Thursday, June 2, 2011

Larkin's 3rd Birthday Party with Family

Since we were in NYC, we got to celebrate Larkin's 3rd birthday party with family. What a day I won't ever forget. The short version of the story is that we had brought a bunch of Tinker Bell presents to give to Larkin for her birthday. We decided to take a cab from my Dad's to my sister's house. Brian was carrying a few things, I was in charge of Larkin, and my Dad had Larkin's backpack (of essentials we just like to have for her) and her presents. Well, I'm not pointing fingers here (okay, I am!), but my Dad handed the backpack and presents to the door man who pu them in the cab's trunk. We got to my sister's and as we entered the elevator, I noticed that my Dad's hands were empty. Yep. Good 'ole Grandpa Bud had forgotten them in the cab's trunk! Agghhhh. All of her essentials and all of her presents -- gone forever. Total bummer! I was most upset when I thought that my camera and video camera were in Larkin's backpack, but thank goodness I had taken them out of there - phew! So, in the pics above, you will see that Larkin is hugging her 1 (yes, one) present that she got that day... from her Auntie Dana... a Tinker Bell doll. It was well loved and she didn't know it should be any different. So in the end, all was well and it was a fun birthday.

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