Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fun Day with Padilla Family

Our dear friends, the Padilla family - Colleen (ClassyMommy!), Mike, MacKenzie, and Kyle - made the trip to NYC from Philly, so we were lucky that they were able to spend the weekend visiting with us.

We declared it a day of "Kid's Choice"... we'd do whatever the kiddos wanted to do.

First stop...the playground from yesterday. With Grandpa Bud's guidance, Larkin has finally overcome her fears of the big curlicue slides! She loves it now and did it over and over.

Next stop...a subway ride (Kenzie and Kyles' first ride!) to Times Square. The life and lights there is always a sight to see.

Next stop...the M&M store! The big draw for the kids was the enormous M&M wall of candy. We gave each kid an empty bag and let them pick some of their favorite M&M colors. They loved it and were so proud of their bags.

The M&M store had this funny contraption where you could stand in a booth of sorts and it would tell you what kind of M&M candy you are. It evaluated me for what seemed like forever and then it gave me this as my M&M flavor! Too funny (and kind of accurate)!

Next stop...the American Girl doll store. Kenzie was in heaven and Larkin enjoyed picking tons of the cards describing the doll accessories. She's not as in to dolls as some little girls, but she had fun.

Last stop...lunch at Ditch Plains. We got a huge booth and Larkin decided that she wanted to sit with her friends. She just loved hanging out with her role model Kenzie!

It was a great day and it was sad when we finally had to say good-bye. Miss you, Padillas! XO

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