Friday, October 29, 2010

Goddard Hippo Halloween Party

Larkin's school held a Halloween party that Brian and I were excited to attend. The kids all get dressed up and parade around the rest of the school showing off their costumes, then they eat treats, dance and sing, and just party. Below are a couple of cute pics of the kids having fun. Larkin (sans popcorn costume) and her friend Carter were like two peas in a pod that day and the other picture is of Cici, holding up her mini-pumpkin with pride (I brought them for all the kids and they were a hit)!

Below are a couple of pics and an adorable video of the kids putting on a little dance show for the parents. The first pic is from the song "Sleeping Bunnies" and the one of Larkin stomping around is from the song "Dinosaurs". The video is definitely worth a pic - it's priceless watching all of the kids! Enjoy!

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