Sunday, October 10, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge

Karen had a "first" today... I crossed the Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan with my Dad. It was a beautiful fall day and after reliving the subway ride where my Dad was last pick-pocketed, we had a wonderful walk across the bridge (with hundreds of other folks, of course). The Statue of Liberty is rather small and far in the distance, but still cool to see. You walk on a pedestrian walk above the cars driving below, and there's such a throng of people that you have to keep moving and stay on your side of the line. There were vendors on the side selling "bloomin' mango" and other fruit on a stick. After our bridge walk, we went over to check out the rebuild progress at Ground Zero (they are building a floor a week on the 1776 ft. tall Freedom Tower). It was a nice afternoon, with some good father-daughter bonding.

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