Monday, December 8, 2008

School Daycare First Days and Reindeer Art

Larkin made the switch from an in-home daycare to a school-setting daycare this month. We're lucky... she seems happy here (and she seemed happy there). In general, I think Larkin enjoys daycare (although we don't love the cold bugs that come with it!). Larkin likes watching the other kids and she always smiles at her teachers. She's in the "Cuddly Cub" class and there are 9 kids total (5 teachers). Larkin has her own crib there for naps, and there are so many toys... they rotate them regularly to keep the kids' interest. One thing that Larkin really enjoys is the "chair-in-the-table" contraption. You can see it in the first picture (and Larkin is sitting in it in the fourth picture).

I included a picture of the classroom (crib area is off to the right and kitchenette is off to the left) so you could get an idea. The door in the back of the room leads out to the playground. Short bios of her 5 teachers are included in the second photo (click on the photo so you can read the bios). The third picture is of her daily report card from her first day (click on the photo to read it)... as you can see, they do yoga with the kids, and even teach them some basic Spanish and sign language! I love getting the report cards each day... they are a hoot to read. The fourth picture is of Larkin during her first full day there. The remaining pictures are of a few of the Christmas decorations that they have hung up. Larkin's a Rudolph reindeer (middle of the pack) - aren't they so cute?!

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