Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Grandpa Bud's visit

Grandpa Bud came for a 10-day visit, but it flew by way too fast. Despite coming down with a cold/sinus infection during his visit, Grandpa Bud and Larkin completely hit it off. Larkin didn't give him a cold shoulder this time, instead she cried for only a minute or two when he first held her. From then on, they were best buddies.

Grandpa Bud helped with a lot of Larkin's feedings, and was there for her first bite of veggies... sweet potatoes! Grandpa Bud even spent a couple of days watching Larkin during the day when Brian and I had to work. We temporarily renamed him "Nanny Bud"!

During his stay, Grandpa Bud developed a few adorable nicknames for Larkin. They include: "Bug-a-boo", "Boo-ga-loo", and my personal favorite "Boogie-woogie". They were so cute, and Larkin really seemed to like them!

Here are a couple of pictures from a last-minute photo shoot that we did right before Grandpa Bud left. You can see what a lovely interaction the two of them have. Larkin especially enjoyed the horsie rides on Grandpa Bud's knee.

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The Bucklers said...

Wow! Great posts!! I especially love the comparison shot of you and Larkin. I really think she looks like you!! And I cannot believe she is already 6 months old. Time does fly by so quickly.... Boots will be 1 year old tomorrow, and I absolutely cant believe it! Hope yall are well!!