Friday, December 26, 2008

Family Friday Night

Brian's other sister, Annie, her fiance Sean, and Sean's boys Alex and Kale arrived into town today. So, the whole Hittle family was together and we enjoyed the chance to just hang out. Here is an adorable video from early in the day when we got Larkin and Sierra together to play. (Sierra is on the left, and Larkin is on the right). They loved checking each other out!

Here are some cute pictures from later in the evening... it was so sweet when Annie would look at Larkin and say to her, "We're buddies, right?!" Larkin clearly agrees, as she just loved staring at her Auntie Annie. It was also the first time that either Alex or Kale had ever held a baby... and they did great. Alex even fed Larkin like a pro. As you can see from the pics, Larkin got passed around to everyone, so my arms actually got a break from holding my 18-lber!

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