Monday, December 1, 2008

6-month doc appt

Today, Larkin went in for her 6-month doctor's appointment. It went very well and the doctor said she looked great. She had just gotten over a cold (which she so generously passed on to me and Grandpa Bud), so they went ahead and gave her her shots. She only cried for about 30 seconds - and no fever seems to have reared its head so far.

As you can see from her stat chart above, Larkin is growing by leaps and bounds! She weighed in at 17 lbs. 7 oz. (85 percentile as compared to babies born on her due date, or 3.5 weeks after she was born). Her height was 27" (90%) and her head was 17.25" (89%). So, she's big, but well-proportioned!

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