Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jenny, Sierra, and Annie too

Brian’s sister, Aunt Jenny, and cousin Sierra came in for a visit this past week. It’s been 2 ½ months since we last got the girls together, and it was so much fun! Sierra and Larkin definitely noticed each other, and they even grabbed at one another. Larkin is currently in to grabbing at people’s facial features (i.e., watch out if you have a big nose, she’ll grab it!) and at one point she actually grabbed Sierra’s ear (see 2nd pic below...Larkin is on the left). Sierra got her back by trying to steal Larkin’s coveted ball toy (see 4th pic sure to click on the double-pic in order to enlarge it). The girls are so cute together… they even held hands a few times (see 3rd pic below)!

Since Larkin and Sierra are only 20 days apart (Sierra’s older), the girls are naturally meeting milestones at roughly similar times. Even so, Jenny and I make a concerted effort not to “compare” our babies. It makes for a much more fun time when we’re together. We do, however, love to joke about some of the physical differences in the girls and we’ve got a few pictures to prove it…check out the picture below... in it you’ll see that Sierra’s foot is considerably bigger than Larkin’s! Sierra’s longer too, but Larkin weighs more. And, as you’ll see in the 2nd pic below where they’re both lying on their tummys, that’s Larkin on the left in the camo outfit and Sierra on the right in the striped socks. Now, look how much bigger Larkin’s head is! Geez… and it’s a bit ironic too….Sierra (the one with the smaller head) was born via C-section and Larkin (the one with the bigger head) was not! It’s that darned “Hittle head” I was nervous about delivering! As I’ve heard from a number of people… good thing she came a little early! Ha!!!

Auntie Annie, soon-to-be Uncle Sean, and their rascal pup Sadie came in to visit on Saturday too. We had a fun night hanging out with the whole family, checking out different wedding dresses that Annie’s considering for next May, and watching the MU-Texas football game (sorry, Sean)!

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