Monday, May 5, 2008

A Basket of Hope

With Mother's Day around the corner, you're probably thinking about what to get your mom this year. Instead of spending $50+ on flowers, chocolate and a card, I hope you'll consider giving your mom a gift she'll never forget and will truly appreciate...a Basket of Hope. What mother wouldn't want a basket of hope for Mother's Day (or in my case, Mother-to-be Day)? Brian... hint... hint...

Heifer International is a non-profit organization that Brian and I enthusiastically support. The concept is wonderful… you donate an animal that Heifer gives (on your behalf) to a family in need, wherever in the world that may be…Africa, South America, Asia, U.S., etc. They teach the family to care for the animal and, in return, the animal provides the family with a means for long-term self-reliance, instead of only short-term relief like other charities. The Heifer animal provides both a source of food and income (e.g., from selling the wool, milk, eggs, etc.). And, when a family’s animal has offspring, they donate that offspring to a neighboring family in need. Thus, each donation is truly a gift that keeps on giving!

In a Basket of Hope donation ($50), a family in need will receive a basket full of rabbits and chicks. What can rabbits and chicks provide? A LOT! For families with little land and few resources, rabbits are the perfect solution. So long as they are warm and dry, rabbits thrive, and they love to eat leftover vegetables. In turn, families get nitrogen-rich manure to use on gardens or to sell as fertilizer. And since rabbits have up to 40 offspring a year, they provide families with steady sources of protein and income. Chicks are equally as valuable...starting at six months, chickens can lay up to 200 eggs a year — a reliable source of protein for children who otherwise subsist mostly on starches. Extra eggs can be sold to pay for school, clothes and medicine. And in the vegetable garden, chickens peck at bugs and weeds, scratch up the soil and enrich it with droppings. If only every $50 we spent could do so much!

If $50 is more than you want to spend, then consider giving a flock of either chicks, geese, or ducks for only $20. Or, if you want to spend more, then consider a lamb or a llama! You can find out more about all of the Heifer donation options and make your tax-deductible donation by going to our Hittle Family and Friends Gift Ark webpage by clicking here (this Heifer link is also in the right-hand column of the Little Hittle blog under Links). I thank you for donating and am confident your mom will love her basket of hope!

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Nan M Gough said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well and that you are feeling great! Take care...