Friday, May 30, 2008

Coming Home

We were given the green light to go home today! In between our every three hour feedings, we piled everything in the car and took Larkin on her first car ride. She slept the entire time!

I was excited to put Larkin in her "coming home" outfit. It's hard to see in the pictures, but it's white with pink, etc. ribbon flowers embroidered on the front. The dainty outfit is so adorable and believe it or not, Brian is the one who picked it out and bought it! Back a few months ago, we decided that we would bring "coming home" outfits for both a boy and a girl to the hospital, since we didn't know what we were having. We quickly found a cute blue with yellow ducky footed sleeper that we liked for the boy's coming home outfit, but we couldn't find the right girl's outfit. Then, for Valentine's Day, one of my presents from Brian was the perfect coming home girl's outfit. He had taken a trip to Tampa for work, and after a long day in the power plant, Brian (in his massive work boots, etc.) went to Neiman Marcus' baby department! He got a few sideways glances from some of the mothers and sales associates, but he persevered until he found an outfit that he loved. When he gave it to me, we both knew that it was perfect outfit and we were really excited to see Larkin in it today.

When we got home, Sera got to meet Larkin. It could not have gone better. Sera leaned in to smell Larkin, but otherwise paid her no mind. I think the fact that my parents are staying with us too, there are enough different things going on that Sera doesn't relate it simply to Larkin's arrival. Sera basically follows us from room to room, smells Larkin upon occasion, lays down in a dog bed that I put under the window in Larkin's nursery when we're in there, and otherwise ignores the baby. Knowing Sera's personality, we knew she'd be great with Larkin, but she has even exceeded our expectations.

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