Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hospital Happenings - Day 1 & 2 update

Larkin is a day and a half old now and she has been doing great. Her weight is down to 5 lbs. 9.2 oz., but a slight weight drop is expected after birth. Her bilirubin level is at the medium level right now so she has slight jaundice (which is normal for preemies), so they'll continue to watch her over today to make sure that she doesn't require the blue light. Larkin is learning how to breastfeed and in the mean time is being supplemented to make sure that she gets enough food to keep her weight up and to help lower her bilirubin level. She's eating about 1 oz. at each feeding now.

Not surprisingly, baby Larkin has Brian wrapped around her little finger - he is totally smitten! I just stare at her in amazement... I can't believe she's ours!

Here are a few shots from her over the last day. Volunteers at the hospital make the baby hats so she's had a pink one and now is using a lilac one. They are precious!


Ddooley73 said...

A beautiful little girl!! Congrats to you both. Laura and I can't wait to meet her.

Daniel and Laura

Anonymous said...

she is sooo cute. thank you for the updates! Kenzie did great and was born just around the same time so had the same minor issues. And look at her now! Took her 10+ days to get the breastfeeding thing down so HANG IN THERE. We supplemented as well - she could only drink 1/4 oz at a feeding so Larkin is a rock star. And if you do the blue light - don't panic - in retrospect it was No Big Deal. I felt overwhelmed with her wrapped in cords and plugged into the wall for 2 days but in the scheme of life it was nothing.

The Bucklers said...

She is absolutely beautiful, and I love her name!! You have a little peanut of a baby! Alli was 5-14, as well, at 36 weeks ~ so tiny! Enjoy her now, as she will get so big so quickly ~ too quickly!!