Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Meet our May Flower, Larkin McCann Hittle!!!

Brian and I are the proud to introduce our new daughter, Larkin McCann Hittle! We were expecting a June Bug, but she wanted to come a little earlier and be our May Flower instead!

Larkin was born at 36.5 weeks on Tuesday, May 27, 2008 at 9:35pm. She weighed 5 lbs., 14.9 oz. and is 18 inches long. She's got luscious lips and big eyes, not to mention a decent amount of hair (that seems to come together in the middle like a faux-hawk)!

All of us are doing really well. Larkin is healthy and while I'm a little sore, everything with the birth went very smoothly. Brian cut the cord too. The grandparents are here with us now, so we're all jockeying for our time with her! She's just perfect and we are so in love with her.

For those of you curious about her name... Larkin is just a name we came across that we love. We had seen an actress in a show with that name and while the show wasn't on TV for long, the uniqueness of the name really stuck with us. Neither of us thought much about it over the next year or so (even after the show stopped running) until we came across it in an awesome baby naming book (and a corresponding website) called the Baby Name Wizard over Thanksgiving. We both just fell in love with it then and knew that was going to be our little girl's name. The origin of Larkin is Latin and it means "crowned with laurels". McCann is my paternal grandmother's maiden name and we thought the positive energy from the "McCann sisters" (of which there were many) would be fantastic for Larkin.

Above are pictures from directly after Larkin's birth. They monitored her for a few hours just to be sure she was a-okay since she was born early, but she did great! More pictures from Day 1 will come tomorrow - for now I need to get some sleep!

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Anonymous said...

She is a cutie pie. I am so thrilled for you both. And I adore the name. Love, Col