Saturday, April 19, 2008

Burgeoning Belly - 31 weeks

Here are a few pictures of me from this morning, just before Brian and I headed out to our all-day Childbirth Education class. We enjoyed the class and learned a lot. When the lady explained how the baby has to turn to fit through the pelvis because the pelvic spines that stick out make the space tight, Brian declared that the spines shouldn't be there (as the lady confirmed they don't serve any real purpose other than being in the way) and as an engineer, he thinks a redesign is in order!

As for my belly, I'm still growing! I look like I'm toting a beach ball under my shirt, don't I? Let me tell you, it's making tying my shoes harder every day. My belly is ~35" around, and I've gained close to 20 lbs so far. I'm feeling pretty good, except that I definitely have the urge to put my feet up at the end of the day. Brian has been great about pampering me as I lounge!


The Bucklers said...

Too too cute!! Isn't it so much fun?!?

Anonymous said...

You look great! How are you feeling? It really is amazing how quickly 40 weeks passes! Hope all is well. Miss you guys!

Love, Nan