Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kung Fu Baby!

We've got a little kung fu kiddie in there! One week ago, at 18 weeks, I felt Little Hittle kick for the first time! I was pretty confident that I was feeling kicks, but they are so slight that it took me a few days to be sure. Some people describe a kick as a butterfly flutter, but to me, a kick feels more like a twitch. Little Hittle seems to kick the most after I eat and in the late evening. It is so amazing - I'm still in awe of our little creation.

Today, at 19 weeks, Brian got to feel the kicks for the first time too! It was so exciting for us. Little Hittle was kicking to some music Brian was playing on Pandora. The first kick Brian felt was to Yogi's song "Weakened" which is about being weakened by love and being brought to your knees...and Little Hittle did make Brian was a fitting moment.

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