Monday, January 7, 2008

Ultrasound - 16 wks 2 days

Today we had another ultrasound - we love checking in on our Little Hittle! Everything went great. The heart rate was a strong 143 bpm and Little Hittle is estimated to weigh ~6 oz., which is on the large end of normal for this stage of gestation. As Brian put it, our baby is equal to "half a can of Coke"! The doctor didn't officially measure the length of the baby (since at this point they start monitoring the baby by its weight instead of its length), but the doctor estimated that the baby was measuring about 5" crown to rump, plus another couple of inches for the legs... which makes our little baby long and very skinny!

Above are a few pictures from the ultrasound. The first two are the same picture, but I labelled the second one so you would be able to tell what you are looking at. In this picture, Little Hittle is actually looking our way - the head is not a perfect profile, but rather is slightly turned in our direction. You can see both eyes, the nose, the mouth, the left ear and left cheek, etc. That's its hand up near its face, and you can also see its belly, legs, and the umbilical cord. In the third picture, you can kind of see from the side that Little Hittle was crossing his/her ankles. And, in the final picture, you can clearly see Little Hittle's left hand waving at us!

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