Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Beginnings of a Belly - 16 weeks

We've officially completed our fourth month and as we enter week 17, my belly is finally starting to show! It really depends on what kind of clothing I wear as to whether or not you can tell. If it's a tight shirt, I show a small bump, but if it's not tight, you still can't really tell. But, the belly is there and this picture proves it. I tend to have a smaller belly in the morning and a bigger one in the evening - strange, but true! I've gained about 6 pounds so far and my waist is now measuring about 27-28" around. I'm still feeling good, although lately I'm a bit tired and have been getting the pregnancy stuffy nose (apparently, high hormone levels soften and swell mucous membranes including those in the nose)!

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