Monday, February 4, 2008

Half-way Point! 20 wks 2 days

We’ve reached another milestone – the half-way point! As of this past Saturday, we were officially 20 weeks along! Little Hittle is doing great and we had our 20 week doctor’s appointment today to confirm it. No…we’re not finding out the gender until the birth, so feel free to vote for what you think Little Hittle is (see right column of blog). We did, however, get to confirm that Little Hittle has 10 fingers, 10 toes, 2 arms, 2 legs, a strong heart, etc. The average size for a baby at this stage is about half its birth length and a weight in the range of 10-16 oz. So, Little Hittle is somewhere around 10 inches long (wow!) and weighed in at a healthy 14 oz. Brian also got to see our baby pretending to be a boxer at the beginning of the ultrasound… I must have been too busy talking to the doctor because I didn’t notice, but Brian saw our baby boxer punching out its fists one after another!

Now, you might be wondering about the significance of the submarine pictures posted above. Well, as our extended Navy family will understand, making the “Half-way Point” is symbolically a big deal. When our husbands would go away on a 6-month deployment, once you reached the half-way point, you knew that you had more days behind you than in front of you until the day you would be together again. It is often celebrated on the submarines too…when the boat first sets out to sea, each wife is allowed to give a gift for their husband (that has to fit in a shoebox). The boxes are then stored away until the half-way point when the guys on the boat have a party and get to open their gift boxes. It’s a fun Navy tradition. Anyway, I kind of feel like our baby is a bit like a little submarine… s/he is literally under water on an extended 9-month deployment and is awaiting his/her homecoming! And now, since we’ve reached the half-way point, we have fewer days in front of us than behind us until we get to meet our baby – yay!

I threw in the second picture just for fun. It was taken 9 years ago when Brian was on his first 6-month deployment with the USS Louisville. It’s of Brian (sporting a goatee for the first time) in the submarine’s wardroom with a plant. He and his buddies nurtured that plant throughout the entire deployment… they figured that if that plant could survive 6 months without any sunlight, then they could too! Yes, the plant, and the boys, all made it home safely. Thank goodness.


Nan M Gough said...

9 years ago? Wow! Love the pictures...that is one sporty goatee! Hope all is well...Karen, you look great!

Anonymous said...

For the record, I don't know what I'm doing. This is officially my first blog!!!
Anyhow, it is a boy.

Bubblehead Chaps said...

I haven't look on here in a while, but do I remember that plant. It didn't quite make the full six months as we had to throw it out to clear customs in Guam. That was such a great mascot that I also still have photos of.