Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Noah's Ark Jigsaw Puzzle

My father, like his father, is a master at all types of puzzles... crossword, sodoku, jigsaw, even riddles. He can actually do the crossword puzzles where they don't give you the grid to fill in - you actually have to figure out the grid for yourself (undoubtedly the hardest type of crossword puzzle out there). While I still refuse to enter the world of crosswords, I do like other types of puzzles. So, while he and his girlfriend, Anne, came for a visit over New Year's, we bought and completed a great 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle of Noah's Ark. (Just like our Heifer Gift Ark)!

The real kicker of doing jigsaw puzzles in my family is that you're not allowed to look at the picture on the box. Aside from the 15-second glance at it on the store shelf in order to pick it, we didn't look at the picture once, which makes completing the puzzle that much more challenging and fun! You should try it that way the next time you do a puzzle. My Dad, Anne, Brian and I all contributed to the puzzle and we all liked it so much in the end that we're planning on framing it and putting it somewhere in Little Hittle's room. (Click on the image in order to see it in detail, it's really great).

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Nan M Gough said...

Wow...that is impressive! You should definately frame it...it will look perfect in the baby's room! Hope all is well. Miss you guys!