Sunday, May 22, 2011

Playing at Auntie Dana's house

There's always lots of fun to be had playing at Auntie Dana's house. I have to start off this post with a funny anecdote though. Larkin has this "thing" with Auntie Dana... she is absolutely enraptured by her aunt, but her awe of my sister makes Larkin shy around her. So for some odd reason, Larkin doesn't speak to her. Larkin will say things to me sometimes like "tomorrow maybe I'll talk to Auntie Dana". One of these days, the two of them will go shopping together, become best friends and forget I even exist! But until then, it's crickets...

...but Larkin certainly isn't quiet when there's a microphone nearby. When there's a singing opportunity, Larkin is in on it! She loves loves loves to sing. Here she is, belting out some song, probably "Do Re Mi".

Then comes the monkeying around with Daddy/Uncle Brian. The kids can never get enough of it.

And then, when they're all done, it's snuggle time. From left-right: Lukie, Auntie Dana, Gavin, and Larkin. They look like bugs all snug in a rug together, don't they?

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