Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brooklyn Flea Market

Nine of us in tow, we headed out for a day adventure to the Brooklyn Flea Market. Part of the fun was just getting there and back - all three of the kids (Larkin, Gavin, and Luke) LOVE the subway. Gavin knows them all by heart and will spend afternoons just riding the subway with his Grandpa Bud if he has his choice. Here's part of the crew en route to Brooklyn. We actually had this train car all to ourselves so why we all bunched together is anyone's guess. Good for picture taking though!

It was pretty cold that day but Larkin resisted wearing a coat for much of it. The Brooklyn flea market was only average in my opinion, not worth the trip (except for the fun of the trip itself). But we did enjoy a few street vendor treats before heading to a restaurant for lunch. Here's Larkin enjoying her corn-on-the-cob with parmesan cheese on it (the combo sounds better than it tasted to me, but Larkin liked it).

1-2-3-swing.... we did a LOT of this on the walk from the subway to the flea market and back. Larkin quickly learned that if she had 2 of the daddies do it, she'd go a lot higher. So, she got between Brian and her uncle Greg, and WWWEEEEEE! Did she get high or what? She loved every minute of it.

What's cuter than a tender moment between cousins? I saw them doing this while we waited for our table at lunch. Gavin is so sweet with Larkin.

After lunch, we stopped in the cutest little shop "Sweet William" and bought the kids each a stuffed animal. Larkin picked out a bunny, Gavin picked out a falcon, and Lukie didn't want one. The stuffed animals looked so incredibly life-like that when Larkin would carry it in with her the following days, people we'd walk by would point and say "look at the bunny, it's real!" What a fun adventure we all had today!

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