Saturday, May 21, 2011

Grandpa Bud's 70th Birthday Party

Happy 70th birthday, Grandpa Bud! Family and friends converged on my sister's place to celebrate the big day as a surprise. Here we are walking to my sister's apartment... at this point, Grandpa Bud just thinks us kids are taking him out to dinner.

Grandpa Bud was surprised (well, kinda)!

A few pictures of some of the guests including Grandpa Bud's beautiful sisters, best friends, and handsome sons-in-law.

And then we can't forget about the kids. Larkin and her cousins Gavin and Lukie ran around, dressed up and looking so cute, and had a blast all evening. I love Lukie's face in the last picture... it says it all! What a fun party it was!

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