Sunday, July 4, 2010

First Watch Brunch

Here is our family breakfast at one of our favorite Sunday brunch places, First Watch. We meet Brian's parents there nearly every Sunday (occasionally we go to Cracker Barrel instead). This time we were also joined by Jenny and Sierra since they were visiting.

Some of our favorite breakfast traditions while we wait for our food include:
1) Making straw worms - this game is when you scrunch up the paper that comes around a straw and then put drops of water on it to watch it grow and wriggle like a worm)
2) Papa draws Larkin "scrolls" - the paper scroll that comes around the silverware and napkin becomes his canvas and he draws her all sorts of surprise scrolls that she loves to roll open - helicopters, animals, school buses, whatever she's really into that day, etc.

Larkin always gets (as it's my choice) a pancake, a scrambled egg, and a serving of strawberries and bananas or yogurt. She really enjoys it, although she always steals some of my Floridian French Toast (which has lots of fruit on it) too. Here she is enjoying her pancake (she had already wolfed down her egg)!

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