Monday, March 2, 2009

Grandpa Bud visits

Grandpa Bud came to see us and we were so excited to see him! Larkin has grown a lot since he last saw her... she's feeding herself finger foods, she's crawling (albeit backwards!) and she's so much more interactive. We all had such fun... aside from the head cold we all shared!

Here are a couple of pictures of us out to lunch. Larkin does really well out at restaurants.

Here's Grandpa Bud doing what grandparents love doing his grandbaby a bath!

Here are Grandpa Bud and Larkin standing tall and snuggling up. Thanks for the cute outfit, Anne!

These pics give you a real taste of what Larkin and Grandpa Bud spent a lot of time doing during play time on the floor. He'd build up towers and she'd knock them down. He'd put the rings on the post and she'd pull them off. Destruction is her favorite game right now!

Where's Larkin?! She was playing with this toy one minute and then under it backwards the next... she needed a little rescuing this time!

Ah, the beloved interactions between a girl and her granddaddy. Buddies forever!

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Nan M Gough said...

Wow Karen, I can't believe she is almost a year already! She is so cute and cuddly. It's great that your family is able to visit so often. Thanks for all the updates. Hope you feel better soon. Miss you!

Love, Nan