Saturday, March 21, 2009

Larkin Crawling!

She's finally crawling forwards and she's even starting to pick up speed! After several weeks of Larkin crawling backwards, she has now learned how to turn her gears from reverse into drive. Since she started crawling forwards a few weeks ago, she has learned how much fun it is to really be mobile, and she is starting to check out the world all around her. Larkin seems to be especially attracted to things we don't want her to be near - think computer cables, dog bones, yep, you know what I mean - and we've been doing quite a bit of redirecting. But we're loving it all... this is such a fun time. We love watching her explore and try new things. And, yes, the baby gates (we got retract-a-gates) are going in this weekend....

Larkin is working hard to develop her large motor skills and now that she's mastered crawling, walking is her next goal! She's good at standing while holding on to something, but the idea of taking steps while being a biped is a fairly new concept for her. She has just started cruising this past week, and here's a video of some of her early steps to practice walking a few days ago. Her Grandma Hittle is holding her hands and her Grandpa Hittle is cheering her on. Go Larkin!

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