Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aunt Jenny and Cousin Sierra Visit

Aunt Jenny and Sierra came for another visit! The girls really started interacting with each other and were both so active. Check out all of the pictures below to catch a glimpse of the fun that we all had together! (And, don't forget, you can click on a picture to see it enlarged... it's especially useful to do on the double pics so you can really see their cute expressions).

The girls got to sit next to each other when we went to California Pizza Kitchen. They giggled at each other and reached towards one another. Larkin scarfed down all of the food we gave her... she had pizza crust and broccolini. Sierra wasn't as into the whole eating thing... Jenny was successful at sneaking some avocado into Sierra's mouth, much to Sierra's dismay!

Here are some pics of the girls playing at Grandma and Grandpa Hittle's house. Larkin's really into crawling and pulling herself into a standing position, while Sierra's is totally into trying to walk and even run. She still needs assistance, but she is fast! Larkin looks a little upset in the group photo because Brian had just walked in from a business trip and she was crying because she desparately wanted him to hold her! It made Brian feel pretty special.

Here I am practicing for Annie's wedding. I don't know if I'll be able to pull it off or not since together the girls weigh nearly half my weight, but Annie had the idea that I could carry the two girls at her wedding in May. I'm doing pretty well here, eh? Brian thinks Larkin looks like Shiloh in the second pic (they do, in fact, share the same birthday). Too bad I'll never be confused with Angelina.

On a beautiful early spring day when the temperature was in the 70s, we all headed to the playground at our neighborhood school and had a blast. Larkin rode her first swing ride on her Daddy's lap, and then later was able to ride for the first time by herself in a bucket swing. She seemed to really enjoy it. Larkin also tried to eat her first rocks. Yes, rocks! While we were sitting on the playground's pebble ground, Sierra played with the pebbles and Larkin tried to eat it! As Brian put it, "The pebbles look like a buffet of bread to Larkin". I guess Larkin takes after her mommy and loves bread! It was so windy up on the hill where the school is as you can tell in the pictures. Check out Sierra's hair blowing all around!

Finally, here are a few other pictures of the girls playing. During our dinner, we put Larkin in her playpen and Sierra in a walker. Sierra came to visit Larkin and it seemed as though she wanted IN the playpen while Larkin wanted OUT!

It was a great visit and we can't wait to get the girls together again in 6 weeks at Annie's wedding!

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The Bucklers said...

Great pictures! I am trying to catch up with my blog reading. Larkin has grown so much ~ they just grow too quickly, don't they?! She is a doll!