Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve 2008-2009

It's become somewhat of a tradition for us now... whenever we're in town for New Year's Eve, we celebrate it with Brian's good friend, Brandon, his new wife Elizabeth, and the rest of Brandon's wonderful family. Mick and Bill have generously been inviting us year after year, and it is where we want to be on New Year's Eve. This was Larkin's first indoctrination to a Prelogar New Year's Eve (although she experienced it in my belly last year), and she did great. After being passed around to different women who just missed holding a baby and wanted a turn, Brandon took Larkin for a spin on the living room "dance floor" while he serenaded her. So cute!

Then, Brandon (on the guitar and singing), Bart on the mandolin, and Barrett on the broken yukele got to jamming. Despite all of the distractions, I somehow was able to Larkin down to sleep (in Mick and Bill's bedroom in the lounger chair I brought for her to sleep in) at her normal time of ~9:30pm. She slept through it all until shortly after 12midnight. Here's a pic of the jamming and then Brian and me (and a classic Barrett move!) right after midnight. Happy New Year, baby!

It was like Larkin knew it was a special occasion, because she awakened only minutes after midnight, happy and ready to play! So, up she stayed for 1.5 hours, just giggling and making monster noises for everyone who held her. Then, we went home around 1:30am and as soon as we took her up to bed, she fell right asleep for the rest of the night. Good baby, Larkin!

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