Friday, January 2, 2009

Larkin's Famous "Monster Noises"

Here's a video we recently took of Larkin doing what we call her "monster noises". We call it this because the otherwise dainty-voiced Larkin started making this gutteral sound in October, a few weeks before Halloween. So, we joked that she was practicing to be a scary monster on Halloween. But, alas, Halloween came and went and she's still doing it. She only does it when she's happy, and no, she's not pooping! She even will do it on command sometimes. She's a growling smarty-pants!

Some people say it's like a growl, perhaps something she picked up from having a dog for a sister. Others lovingly say we gave birth to either a gremlin or a pirate. Whatever her inspiration, Larkin's endearing growl is her "shtick" and we love her for it. And, as feminist Mick so classically put it, "God knows we need more women that growl, than cry." Alas, Larkin does both upon occasion... Enjoy the video!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

love the monster sounds! too cute. her noises are more "throaty" monster whereas kenzie's were much more truly a "monster sheep" in a giant growling BAAAAAAAH sound.
and she reminds me so much of kenzie in size as well. great sitting too!